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To accommodate students, visitors, and staff who drive to the college and need to park their vehicles, regulations have been established in accordance with the Illinois Community College Act.

Students and visitors

Students may park only in the open/unmarked spaces found in lots P2, P3, P4, P5, P9, P10, and P12. Parking decals/permits are not required for open parking. Refer to the parking lots map for locations.

Persons with disabilities

To park in a handicap space, vehicles must display either a handicap license plate or the state of Illinois handicap parking permit in the vehicle’s front window. Spaces are in lots P1, P7, P10, and P12. These spaces are reserved at all times for handicapped individuals.

Unauthorized vehicles in these spaces will be subject to fines and towing at the owner’s expense. To obtain either the plate or the permit, handicapped individuals should complete an application at any Illinois drivers’ services facility.


With a current staff parking decal, employees may park in lots P0, P6, P11, P13, and P15. Employees who regularly use alternate vehicles may choose to obtain a parking decal for each vehicle. Failure to display a permit will result in a fine.

Temporary employee permits are available in the Office of Business Affairs or call Physical Plant at 815 802-8174 with the make and model of the car.

Employee parking is not allowed in lot P0 spaces A, B, C, and D.


Motorcycles can be parked in the northwest corner of the student parking area (lot PM) or other open parking areas.

Sustainable vehicle spaces

Designated parking spaces for sustainable vehicles (flex-fuels, hybrids, and electric vehicles) are marked with signs in lots P2, P5, and P15. On the parking map, their approximate locations are marked SV.


Bicycle racks are near the front building entrances and at the west end of the Arts and Sciences Building.

Special parking permits

A limited number of restricted spaces (separate from handicap) are available and are located in the north row of Lot P0. Spaces are labeled A, B, C, and D.

With verification from a physician, a student or staff member may request a restricted permit from the Student Services or Office of Business Affairs. Use of these permits is limited to six weeks. 

A physician’s verification must indicate the individual’s need and how long special parking privileges will be required. All outstanding parking and traffic assessments must be paid before a permit can be issued.

Speed limit

Parking lots: 15 mph
Roadways: 20 mph unless otherwise indicated
College Drive: 30 mph

Parking spaces and vehicle operation

The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests upon the vehicle operator. The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly is not a valid excuse for parking with any part of the vehicle over any line or in a “no parking” zone or reserved space.

Vehicles shall be parked totally within designated parking spaces (as marked with parking blocks and/or painted surface lines). All other areas are “no parking” zones. Only one vehicle can legally park within the boundaries of any given parking space.

Parking is prohibited on the grass or any area not specifically paved or graveled for parking use. Such areas include, but are not limited to, posted no-parking zones, yellow zones, fire access areas, crosswalks, and sidewalks.

Vehicles are to be maintained in operating condition at all times on college property. A vehicle that appears to be abandoned may be disposed of in accordance with Illinois state statutes after an attempt to locate and notify the owner.

Fines and enforcement

Those who own, possess, or operate a vehicle on KCC’s campus are responsible for knowing the regulations. Ignorance of the regulations is not reason for exemption.

With rare exceptions, the penalties for violation of regulations are imposed against the vehicle involved rather than against the operator, and the owner of the vehicle in violation becomes responsible for the payment of fines. It is, therefore, very important that the person in whose name a vehicle is registered exercises great care in supervising its use.

Violators are subject to fines in accordance with state law. Tickets will be issued and fines assessed for violations of parking regulations. Fines must be paid within the time specified on the ticket. Students' final grade reports will be withheld, and registration will be prohibited until fines are paid in full.

In addition, athletic events, concerts, and construction on campus may directly affect specific parking areas. In these cases, alternate parking options will be provided.


Fines issued by KCC will be assessed as follows: 

  • Restricted parking (permit not valid for lot) – $25
  • Improper parking (on grass, sidewalk, etc.) – $25
  • No parking zone or not designated parking – $25
  • Parking in any reserved space – $25
  • Fire access area – $50
  • Handicapped parking – $750 (payable to the city of Kankakee)

Outstanding violations will be reported as encumbrances to the Accounting Office, thereby restricting registration, the release of student records, and could result in the immediate towing of vehicles until all assessments are cleared. Violations not collected through the Accounts Receivable billing system may be referred to a collection agency to obtain payment.


Vehicles utilizing college facilities that are in violation of any section of these regulations may be issued a notice of violation and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Examples of towing violations include – but are not limited to:

  • Obstructing traffic, creating a safety hazard, or parking in a no-parking zone
  • Unauthorized use of a handicap or any other reserved space
  • Abandonment of a vehicle
  • A vehicle that has received three or more parking violations during a semester

In addition to KCC’s police and public safety officers, the Kankakee Police Department also patrols the college’s campus and may issue tickets for parking and vehicle operation violations.

Persons who have been issued a parking violation and feel extenuating circumstances contributed to the violation may present a written appeal.


For students, appeals of parking violations must be made in writing to the chief of police within five working days of the writing of the violation. The results of the appeal will be communicated by the chief of police within five working days of the receipt of the appeal. Appeals by employees can be made in the Office of Business Affairs.

Printed regulations

Printed parking regulations are available in the KCC police department's office in the Atrium of KCC's riverfront campus. ​