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Assessment Plans

Assessment plans iconCollege plans for gathering evidence of student learning might include institution-wide or program-specific approaches that convey how student learning will be assessed, the data collection tools and approaches that will be used, and the timeline for implementation.

General Education plan

The following general education outcomes will be assessed during the listed semesters: 

  • Written Communication - Spring 2018
  • Ethical Reasoning - Fall 2018
  • Reading Comprehension - Spring 2019
  • Quantitative Reasoning - Fall 2019
  • Inquiry and Analysis - Spring 2020
  • Verbal Communication - Fall 2020

The rotation will then begin again which puts every outcome on a 4-year rotation.

  • Only recognized general education courses that list the outcome as a general education learning objective will be assessed. The list of courses are in the academic catalog.
  • All courses and sections will conduct the general education assessment.
  • Instructors will submit artifacts to the manager of curriculum and assessment.
  • The Institutional Research Office will generate a random sample of students.
  • A team of six faculty will meet in the summer to norm train, assess artifacts, and make recommendations based on the results.
  • Results and recommendations will be communicated to faculty and students.
  • Gen ed outcomes that were affected by changes need to be re-assessed the next semester after implementation of recommendations for re-analysis.
  • The outcome will be re-assessed in four years.

Course Assessment

  • Faculty are provided time during the faculty in-service at the beginning of the semester to select one course objective to focus on, and create and submit a course assessment plan around that objective.
  • Final reports accompanied by two artifacts of student work per faculty member are submitted during finals week.
  • Reflections and artifacts are available for KCC faculty to view through the Assessment Resources page of the KCC employee portal.

Program assessment plans are in progress.