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Meeting Schedule & Notices

2021-02-08-Meeting Location Notice.pdf
2021-01-11-Meeting Notice Change-Location.pdf
2021 Board Calendar.pdf
2020-12-15-Meeting Notice Change-Location.pdf
2020-12-04-Committee of the Whole Agenda-Public Notice.pdf
2020-11-09-Meeting Notice Change-Location.pdf
2020-10-13-Meeting Notice Change-Location.pdf
2020-09-14-Meeting Notice Change-Virtual.pdf
2020-09-14-Meeting Notice Change-Location.pdf
2020-08-13-Meeting Notice Change-Location.pdf
2020-07-13-Meeting Notice Change-Location and Virtual.pdf
2020-06-08-Meeting Notice Change-Virtual.pdf
2020-05-11-Meeting Notice Change-Virtual.pdf
2020 Board Calendar-Revised.pdf
2019-12-06-Committee of the Whole Planning Meeting Notice.pdf
2019-08-12-Public Hearing Notice for Budget.pdf
2019-05-14 Notice of Public Hearing.pdf
2019-04-08-Meeting Notice Change-Room.pdf
2019-01-16-Special Board Meeting Notice.pdf
2019 Board Calendar-Revised.pdf
2019 Board Calendar.pdf
2018-12-7-Committee of the Whole Planning Meeting Notice.pdf
2018-09-10-Public Hearing Notice for Budget.pdf
2018-04-09-Meeting Notice Change-Room.pdf
2018 Board Calendar.pdf
2017-12-12-Public Hearing Notice for Tax Levy.pdf
2017-09-11-Public Hearing Notice for Budget.pdf
2017 Board Meeting Schedule.pdf
2017 Board Calendar-Revised.pdf
2016-12-16-Special Meeting Notice.pdf
2016-12-02-Committee of the Whole Planning Meeting Notice.pdf
2016-12-02-Committee of the Whole Planning Meeting Notice.docx
2016-09-12-Public Hearing Notice for Budget.pdf
2016-04-11-Meeting Notice Change-Room.pdf
2016-01-11-Notice of BINA Hearing.pdf
2016 Meeting Schedule-Revised.pdf
2016 Meeting Schedule.pdf
2015-12-14-Public Hearing Notice to Sell Working Cash Fund Bonds.pdf
2015-12-14-Public Hearing Notice for Tax Levy.pdf
2015-11-17-Public Meeting Notice for Student Housing.pdf
2015-11-17-Meeting Notice Change-Room.pdf
2015-11-09-Meeting Notice Change-Room.pdf
2015-09-14-Public Hearing Notice for Budget.pdf
2015-06-08-Meeting Notice Change-Room.pdf
2015 Meeting Schedule.pdf
2014-09-08-Notice of Public Hearing for Budget.pdf
2014-04-14-Meeting Notice Change-Room.pdf
2014-03-17-Meeting Notice Change-Date.pdf
2014 Meeting Schedule-Revised.pdf
2014 Meeting Schedule.pdf
2013-12-03-COW-Planning Meeting Notice.pdf
2013-09-09-Public Hearing Notice for Budget.pdf
2013-06-10-Public Hearing Notice for Bond.pdf
2013-04-08-Meeting Notice Change-Location.pdf
2013 Meeting Schedule-Revised.pdf
2013 Meeting Schedule.pdf
2012-12-14-COW-Planning-Meeting Notice.pdf
2012-06-11-Meeting Notice Change-Room.pdf
2012-04-16-Meeting Notice Change-Date.pdf
2012-01-09-Public Hearing Notice for Bond Sale.pdf
2012 Meeting Schedule-Revised.pdf
2012 Meeting Schedule.pdf
2011-12-19-COW Planning Meeting Notice.pdf
2011-12-12-Meeting Notice Change-Time.pdf
2011 Bot Meeting Notice.pdf
2010-11-15-Meeting Notice Date Change.pdf
2010-02-05-Planning Meeting-COW Notice and Agenda.pdf
2010 Meeting Schedule.pdf