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Grant Services

The Grants Development Office consults with faculty and staff who wish to pursue external funding for projects that align with the college’s strategic goals. The office also:

  • ​​Leads the Grants Committee​ in review of proposals by faculty and staff. The committee determines if grants should be pursued with college resources.
  • Fosters an environment of transparency by maintaining a database of grants and funding sources.

Getting help with grant development

To pursue a grant, first complete a Grant Feasibility Form for review by the Grants Committee. After given approval to proceed, the Grants Development Office will:

  • Provide consultation and guidance on the project plan to the program director, who will be the writer of the grant proposal and director of the proposed grant-funded program. Guidance will be given on the full grant proposal process, including aligning objectives with strategic goals and programmatic needs, outlining the writing process, and formulating the evaluation plan.
  • Furnish a standard college profile for the proposal, and assemble and analyze research data including national, state, local and college demographics and statistics.​

Creating a grant proposal

After strategizing the grant development process with the grants development director, the program director of the grant may move forward in writing and finalizing the grant proposal. This includes:

  • Analyzing the purpose of the proposal, outlining programmatic needs and finalizing the writing process.
  • Writing, formatting, and editing the proposal.
  • Garnering support from various stakeholders including institutional departments, local government agencies, and school districts who become important partners.​
  • Submitting the proposal​.
  • Coordinating the implementation of the grant if awarded, and leading the program through the grant award period.