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Green Campus Initiatives

These programs and projects reflect KCC's commitment to sustainability.

Technology projects

  • Wind generated power
  • Solar photovoltaic power generation (roof, wall, and pedestal)
  • Unique ice storage system for HVAC energy efficiency
  • LEED certification for construction (US Green Building Council)
  • Solar thermal energy (for the future)
  • Geothermal heating and cooling (for the future)

Building programs

  • HVAC renovations master plan (equipment, distribution, plant, usage)
  • Lighting retrofits (indoor and emergency exit)
  • Motor and pump replacement plan
  • Building envelope retro-commissioning
  • Roof replacement (white reflective membrane and future low profile vegetative roofs)
  • Restroom efficiencies (toilet, urinals, sinks, hand dryers, motion sensors)

Grounds programs

  • Conservation master plan
  • Storm water management
  • Road and path plan (recycled asphalt and permeable pavers for the future)
  • Bike racks (sustainable parking)
  • Tree replacement plan
  • Exterior lighting plan (retrofit to energy efficient)
  • Alternative fuel plan (vans, golf carts, electric lawn mowers)
  • Integrated pest management plan (reduction in chemical use)

Staff and department programs

  • Utility reduction plan (electric, natural gas, and water)
  • Recycling program (aluminum, glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, batteries, pallets)
  • Electronic recycling program (includes cell phones)
  • Sustainable cleaning and paint products
  • Sustainable office (office equipment, paper content, inks, book rental, e-storage)