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Drink Local

With filtered water bottle filling stations located around the KCC Riverfront, West Campus and North Extension Center, students, staff, and visitors have easy access to free filtered water for their reusable water bottles and mugs. Since 2012, The Sustainability Center has partnered with the Students for Eco-Quality club to provide reusable water bottles at a reasonable cost. The water bottles can also be purchased in the cafeteria.

Bottle Filling Station.png

Water bottle filling stations (“hydration stations”) provide you with great tasting, filtered water from local sources.

  • Carbon filters are changed out when indicated.
  • Bottled water from hundreds or thousands of miles away is expensive and perpetuates our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Using a refillable bottle saves both money and natural resources.
  • The energy conserved from recycling a single plastic bottle can light a 60-watt light bulb for 6 hours.
  • 120 grams of greenhouse gases are generated by a single disposable plastic bottle of water.
  • Since the installation of its first bottle filling station in July 2012 until last count in June 2015, students, staff, and visitors have procured 12,552 gallons of filtered water from them. If they had purchased bottled water instead that would have been more than 47,544 disposable plastic bottles at a cost of $75,594. 

Where can you find a bottle filling station? Following is the current list of hydration stations. More are being planned.
Riverfront Campus
• 1st  Floor (by the restrooms near Iroquois Room)
• 1st  Floor Technology Building
• 2nd Floor at east end of R Building
• 3rd  Floor (where L & R Buildings meet)
• 3rd  Floor (Workforce Development Center by the restrooms) 
West Campus (by the Ag/Hort classrooms)
North Extension Center (1st & 2nd floors)