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2014 Recognition Event

KCC's top 40 recognition themeThe 2014 recognition event was Friday, Nov. 14 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Kankakee.

The KCC's Top Forty theme included a jukebox and tables decorated as vinyl records. A number of college accomplishments were celebrated, including employment milestones for 39 KCC employees.

Congratulations to the KCC employees who reached the following milestones in 2014!

View photos of the event.

​5 years 10 years​ 15 years​ ​20 years
​Dr. John Avendano ​Dr. Linsey Cuti ​Karen Bayston ​Frank Martin
​Linda Berg ​Sherry Kinzler ​Robert Gifford ​Mary Posing
​Tracy Conner ​Pat Klette ​Dan Harris ​Judy Spence
​Allyson Eckhoff ​Dave Massey ​Prosper Hevi
​Jacob Fansler Herman Martinez​ Bob Ling​
​Michelle Hasik ​Pam Nault ​Brenda Newman
​Cathi Hughes ​Kari Nugent
​Rexann McKinley
​Chelise Slowik
​Keisha Smith
​Dr. Yuri Starik
​Ken West
​25 years ​30 years 35 years​ ​40 years
​Doris Benjamin ​Stephen Dockemeyer ​Brian Yeoman
​Michele Buikema ​Cyndy Riordan
​Penny Berger ​Dennis Sorensen
​Rick Elliott
​Kathy French
​Carol Whittington
​Dr. Chris Young