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Bulk Mail Guidelines

KCC is approved by the United States Postal Service as a non-profit organization.

About bulk/standard mailings

A bulk/standard mailing is sometimes called a mass mailing. If a piece of mail from a bulk mailing is not deliverable as addressed, the postal service will dispose of it. It will not be forwarded to the addressee's new address. It will not be returned to sender for database address correction. For those reasons, bulk mail is a low cost way to sending a mass mailing.

Per piece rates can be anywhere from 10.1 to 35.6 cents (rates as of June 2009), depending on classification-- flat or letter--and the ZIP codes. 

Preparing a bulk mailing

To have a bulk mailing, there must be at least 200 items -- all of them must be the same. All college bulk mailings must have the college's name and address as the sender on each piece. The pieces must be in ascending ZIP code order.

If the mail piece is folded:

  • If the opening is on the bottom, it should be sealed on the bottom with two pieces of tape or sealing tabs. The tape or sealing tabs should be one inch from each edge.
  • If the opening is on the top, it should be sealed on the top with one piece of tape or a sealing tab in the middle. 

Take processing times into consideration:

After you deliver the mail pieces to the KCC mailroom, it will take time for mailroom staff to count and processing it.

The postal service asks for a two-week processing time for any bulk mailing.

6 things you must tell the mailroom for every bulk mailing

Following are the requirements for bulk mail preparation, offered in the form of six questions the mailroom staff will ask every person delivering a bulk mailing for processing.

You must be able to answer "yes" to each question:

  1. Does the mailing consist of at least 200 pieces? 
  2. Is each piece identical in weight, size, shape and content?
  3. Is each piece stamped with the KCC bulk mail permit stamp (non-profit permit no. ###)?
  4. Is the mailing in ascending ZIP code order? Note: do not use sticky notes or papers to divide ZIP codes.
  5. Is there an approximate count for the mailing?
  6. Is there a mail code the mailroom can charge for the cost of the mailing? Please provide the appropriate mail code.*

Follow U.S. Postal regulations

A bulk mail piece must be processed through the KCC mailroom and the U.S. Post Office. Do not put any bulk mailings in any mailbox inside or outside of our campus.

Bulk mail permits sent by must include the following:
U.S. POSTAGE PAID  Kankakee, IL 60901 Permit No. ###
(For the permit number, contact the mailroom staff) 

Employees with questions concerning bulk mailings can contact Travis Miller in KCC’s mailroom: or 815-802-8170.​