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Using Multimedia in the Classroom

Videos, DVDs, filmstrips or video streamed content may be shown in classrooms as part of the established curriculum. They may not be shown for recreational or entertainment without a "nontheatrical public performance license." This includes materials designated as "home use only" or rental store videos.

Home use only and rental store videos may be used in face to face classroom teaching under the following conditions: 

  • the programs are shown to students in a face to face classroom setting
  • programs are shown only in courses given for credit
  • programs must be shown only in classrooms or other locations devoted to instruction
  • programs must be legitimately made copies
  • programs may not be shown for entertainment, recreation or reward

Use of video streamed content in a face to face setting is allowed, provided that the content serves the educational outcomes of the course.

Video streamed content from licensed databases such as Films on Demand or Alexander Street Press are permissible. Content from YouTube is generally permissible. However content from sources such as Netflix or Hulu is likely not permissible. This is due to the user agreements signed by subscribers, which generally restricts access to personal use only. However one work around  to these agreements is to require students to subscribe to the service for the length of the course.