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Soups, Salads and Sandwiches

We are happy to offer a wide selection of food and snack options. Whether you need a quick meal, healthy snack or you wish to indulge in a decadent desert, we have what you are looking for.

We gladly accept credit and debit cards as well as the KCC Dining Card.

Hammes Sandwich
Ham, Honey Mustard, Swiss Cheese, Red Onion, Lettuce, Tomato on a Ciabatta Roll.
Premium Deli Sandwich/Wrap  $4.35
Premium Salad Selection  Varies
​Chef's Selection of Soup ​ $2.80


Snacks and Pastries Price
Veggie Crudite with Dip $2.00
Yogurt                                                                   Regular  $1.50
                                                                                Greek      $2.25 
Fruit, Yogurt and Granola Parfait $2.95
Hummus with Pretzels $2.50
​Fresh Fruit Salad ​$2.50
​Chips ​$1.00
​Mojo Bars ​$1.89
​Awake Bar ​$1.89
​Nature Valley Bars ​$1.25
​Popcorn ​$1.00
​Fresh Baked Breakfast Pastry ​$1.75
​Slice of Fresh Baked Pie ​$3.00
​New York Style Cheesecake ​$3.75
​Double Layer Cake ​$3.75
​2 Fresh Baked Cookies ​$1.50
​Pudding Parfait ​$2.00
​Packaged Pastries ​$2.00

Dylan at Hammes Cafe counter