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Administrative Structure

Job group: 20

Salary: Minimum Midpoint Maximum
$31,904 $43,070 $54,237

KCC positions in this job group:

Coordinator of Adjunct Faculty
Coordinator of Adult Education/GED Programs
Coordinator of Case Management Services
Coordinator of Financial Aid
Coordinator of Instructional Development and Faculty Training
Coordinator of Marketing
Coordinator of PTI and DFI
Coordinator of Public Safety and Campus Operations
Coordinator of Target Group Services/Head Men's Basketball Coach
Coordinator of Transfer Services and Student Scholar Programs
Coordinator of TRIO
Coordinator of TRIO Talent Search
Coordinator of Upward Bound Support Services
Coordinator of WIA Career Center
Coordinator/Interpreter for Disability Services
Assistant Director of Continuing Education and Career Services
Assistant Director of Upward Bound
Assistant Director of Youth Program Services

Job group: 21

Salary: Minimum Midpoint Maximum
$39,880 $53,838 $67,796

KCC positions in this job group:

Academic Advisor
Career Development Counselor/Academic Advisor
Coordinator/Academic Advisor/Head Baseball Coach
Coordinator and General Manager of WKCC
Coordinator of Admissions & Recruitment Services
Coordinator of Business Development
Coordinator of Business Services
Coordinator of Career Planning and Placement Services
Coordinator of Facilities/Coach
Coordinator of Fitness Center/Coach
Coordinator of Institutional Research
Coordinator of Management Information Systems
Coordinator of Manufacturing Training
Coordinator of Publications
Coordinator of Scholarships and Donor Relations
Coordinator of the Small Business Development Center
Coordinator of Student Life and Development
Coordinator of Sustainability Center
Coordinator of Testing Services/Academic Advisor
Coordinator of Web Content and Design
Assistant Director of Learning Services
Assistant Director of TRIO Talent Search Services
Director of Fitness Center/Coach
Director of Radio Broadcasting Activities
Director of Young Parents Program

Job group: 22

Salary: Minimum Midpoint Maximum
$49,850 $67,298 $84,745


KCC positions in this job group:

Coordinator of Administrative Information Systems
Coordinator of Network System
Coordinator of Web Technology & Digital Media
Assistant Dean of Continuing Education and Career Services
Assistant Director of Physical Plant Operations
Assistant Director of Workforce Services
Director/Registrar of Admissions and Registration
Director of Athletics/Physical Education
Director of Career Education
Director of Financial Affairs
Director of Financial Aid
Director of Human Resources
Director of Institutional Research
Director of Instructional Technology and Faculty Development
Director of Learning Services
Director of the Learning Resource Center
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Director of Recruitment Services
Director of Student Advisement Services
Director of TRIO Student Support Services
Director of Upward Bound and TRIO Talent Search
Director of Workforce Services
Executive Director of the Kankakee Community College Foundation

Job group: 23

Salary: Minimum Midpoint Maximum
$62,313 $84,121 $105,931


KCC positions in this job group:

Associate Dean of Technology and Business Division
Associate Dean of Health Careers Division
Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Division
Associate Dean of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Division
Director of Information Technology Services
Director of Facilities and Campus Safety
Dean of Student Development