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Committee Assignments

Each year, KCC staff, administrators and faculty are encouraged to volunteer to serve on a committee. KCC's committees may advise the president and other administrators on matters of importance to the operation of the college.

Committee chairs are responsible for ensuring that recommendations of the committee are appropriately channeled through the college's organizational structure for further consideration.

For more information, such as members, AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) categories and liaisons, review the 2020-21 College Committees chart.

Academic Appeals

Purpose: To review requests for waiver of academic regulations.
Co-Chair: Jennifer Huggins, Sheri Cagle 
Recorder: Dawn Bennett

  • Jackie Billings
  • Jennifer Blanchette
  • Diane Buswell
  • Linsey Cuti
  • Stephanie Rayman
  • Jessica Reardanz-Friedericks
  • Anne Reilly
  • Jenny Rogers
  • Ken West
  • Cydney Boyd
  • Monica Quinlan

Behavioral Intervention

Purpose: To proactively review the behavior of individuals about whom concerns are expressed, determine if intervention is needed, and ensure that those interventions take place.
Chair: David Hermann
Recorder: Sharon Hoogstraat

Career Pathways

Purpose: To improve regular and sustained interaction with area employers in critical and high-demand industries, to create programs and occupational opportunities to meet employers' needs; and to enhance opportunities for students to achieve their educational and career goals, while promoting an environment of excellence and innovation.
Co-Chair: Kelly Edwards,Katelynn Ohrt
Recorder: TBD

  • Bridget Bertrand-Essington
  • Kim Brands
  • Pat Bukowski
  • Charlie Cooke
  • Roger Koerner
  • Mary Kyrouac
  • Clay Sterling
  • Mark Stevenson
  • Michelle Argento
  • Tierra Dixon-Sullivan
  • Kim Schott
  • Ellen Schmidt
  • Dana Washington

Communications Committee

Purpose: To promote two way communications. Representatives are encouraged to bring ideas and suggestions to the meetings. Representatives also need to share information with the employees that are being represented.
Chair: Vicki Gardner
Recorder: Michelle Weishaar

  • Michael Boyd (resource)
  • David Cagle (resource)
  • Michael OConnor (resource)
  • Rich Soderquist (resource)
  • Mark Anderson
  • Tasha Blanchette
  • Jill Christy
  • Tracy Connor
  • Lillian Fitzpatrick
  • Laura Ryan
  • Dawn Graveline
  • TJ Hoekstra
  • Amanda Hubert
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Dana Washington
  • Jennifer Zimmerman

Community Partnerships

Purpose: To take a convening leadership role to strengthen and sustain community partnerships by improved understanding of community challenges and increased engagement and partnership development with K-12 system, employers, and community partners while promoting an environment of excellence and innovation. Includes the Strengthen and Sustain Community Partnerships Action Project.
Co-Chairs:  Mike Boyd

Curriculum and Academic Standards

Purpose: To review all programs and courses of instruction; to recommend additions, revisions and deletions of programs/courses.
Co-Chairs: Sheri Cagle​, Lesley Cooper
Recorder: Dawn Bennett

  • Jennifer Blanchette
  • John Bordeau
  • Mike Caparula
  • Trisha Dandurand
  • Chris Gibson
  • Amy Harwood
  • Kellee Hayes
  • Pat Klette
  • Ken Mager
  • Rexann McKinley
  • Rebecca Murphy
  • Paul Carlson
  • Francesca Catalano
  • Jen Huggins
  • Meredith Purcell
  • Kate Wachtor

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI)

  • Co-Chairs: Deisy Anderson,Whitney Mittons​
  • Recorder: Amy Porter
    • Mark Anderson
    • JuTun Andrews-King
    • John Babich
    • Trisha Dandurand
    • Bernie Hinrich
    • Jenny Pecora
    • Amy Porter
    • Ken West
    • Megan Winterrowd
    • David Cagle
    • Tierra Dixon-Sullivan
    • Lillian Fitzpatrick
    • Amanda Morgan
    • Michelle Rodriguez
    • Dana Washington
    • Michelle Weishaar
    • John Willard

    Faculty Development

    Purpose: To identify and implement programs and activities which assist faculty members in their continuing professional growth, including faculty in-service days and other avenues for professional growth.
    Co-Chair: Craig Keigher, Scott Kistler
    Recorder: TBD

    • JP Cohen
    • Mark Schnoor
    • Chelise Slowik
    • Mary Steichen
    • Penelope Stickney


    Purpose: To research and recommend current and emerging instructional technologies for adoption at Kankakee Community College.  The committee will conduct assessments to determine technologies currently in use by faculty and determine appropriate forms of support based on the findings.  The committee will survey needs, evaluate solutions to meet those needs.                                           
    Co-Chair: Chris Gibson, Craig Keigher

    • Lamanda Baade
    • Trisha Dandurand
    • Chris Gibson
    • Darla Jepson
    • Mike Miller
    • Clay Sterling
    • Tracy Conner

    Foundational Coursework

    Purpose: To redesign and rebuild foundational (remedial) education. Includes the Redesign Developmental Education Structure, Curriculum, and Pedagogy Action Project.
    Co-chairs: Jennifer Huggins,TBN
    Recorder: TBD 

    Safety and Security

    Purpose: To promote a safe environment for all campus constituents; considers matters relative to emergency preparedness, risk management, and security
    Chair: Richard Soderquist
    Recorder: TBD

    • Sheri Cagle
    • Jacob Fansler
    • Katie Henry
    • Stella Mausehund
    • Rich Soderquist
    • Eric Springer
    • Jeff Stubler

    Strategic Planning and Oversight Committee (SPOC)

    Purpose: To oversee the collaborative development and evaluation of the college’s strategic goals, and recommend new or revised quality improvement processes.
    Co-Chair: Michael Boyd, Lesley Cooper
    Recorder: TBD

    • Robert Babich
    • Mike Miller
    • David Cagle
    • Sheri Cagle
    • Paul Carlson
    • Francesca Catalano
    • Dr. Jose da Silva
    • Beth Nunley
    • Kim Harpin
    • Jen Huggins
    • Kari Nugent
    • Beth Nunley
    • Mike OConnor
    • Kate Wachtor​

    Student Learning

    Purpose: To develop, revise and monitor the implementation of the college's plan for measuring its effectiveness in meeting established learning outcomes for students.
    CO-Chair: Jennifer Blanchette,Lesley Cooper
    Recorder: TBD

    • Ruth Fabbro
    • Glenda Forneris
    • Sarah Gowler
    • Carrie Jones
    • Jessica Kawa