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Employee Assistance Program

KCC offers an Employee Assistance Program because all people face problems throughout life. Most problems can be resolved. Occasionally, problems get to a point where they affect jobs our family relations ships, happiness and even a person’s physical health. When this happens, professional help may be needed.

The EAP is provided to all employees and their dependents. It provides unlimited free, confidential, professional counseling and referrals for employees. 

Counseling is available for alcohol and drug problems, marital problems, family problems that involve children, financial or legal difficulties. Any issue that affects you can be discussed with and Employee Assistance Program counselor. Please do not wait for a problem to become unmanageable before calling.

Contacting an EAP counselor

Phone an Employee Assistance Program counselor at 1-877-928-6226. The number is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. All contacts are given prompt personal attention. When you call the EAP number, you can get information or an appointment with a professional counselor. All discussions are completely confidential. Your employer and co-workers will have no knowledge of your request for assistance. The counselor may suggest that other family members participate in the counseling process.

Further referrals

After contacting the EAP (1-877-928-6226), an appointment will be arranged with your counselor. You will discuss your situation with the counselor to determine what the major problems are, what needs to change and how to go about it. You may be referred to a psychiatrist, medical doctor or treatment program. There is no cost to you or your dependents for work done by the EAP counselor. THE EAP counselor is familiar with the resources of the community and will assist you in finding the most successful and cost-effective help available. If you need a referral beyond the EAP, your insurance benefit program may cover much of the expense.

Supervisory recommendations to EAP

A supervisor might suggest the use of the EAP if you are experiencing persistent job problems that don’t improve with corrective action. If your supervisor refers you, the EAP counselor will not discuss your problem with your employer. The EAP counselor can only advise your employer as to whether you are participating in the program or not.

Note: The EAP is designed to help you with your personal problems and does not affect the way work related problems are handled. Work related issues are dealt with through your KCC’s existing policies and procedures.

EAP office location

Presence St. Mary’s Hospital Total Wellness Center
21 Heritage Drive, Suite 102
Bourbonnais IL 60914