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Promotional Items

Promotional items such as pens, magnets, hats, shirts, pins, or clips – also referred to as giveaways – are commonly used to support marketing, education, and outreach efforts. They are often used for events and are considered an affordable method of promotion.

The Office of Marketing and Public Relations will coordinate the ordering process for all giveaway items to be used by KCC departments and special programs to ensure proper usage standards and consistency of the KCC logo and name of the college.

What you provide

The proposed item. If you have a clear idea of what you want to order, that's good. Even if you aren't sure, that's OK, too. Either way, work with the marketing specialist, Katie Henry, 815-802-8287, to select the best item for your need, and she will check vendors for pricing.

Completion date. Generally, place requests at least four weeks ahead for repeat items and six to eight weeks ahead for new projects. This allows time for design, processing, approvals, design imprints and other communication.

Ideas for imprint. As with the item you are ordering, it is best to have an idea ahead of time. Work with Katie Henry, 815-802-8287, to make sure the “look” of your promotional item is satisfactory. A graphic artist will create a design based on what you need. The design then can be approved or modified as needed.

Budget information. A price range and account number is required.

Ordering and delivery

Once the design is approved, the marketing representative will initiate a Datatel requisition and send to requesting person for approval signature(s). Upon assignment of the purchase order, the order details will be sent along with the design to the vendor. Items will be delivered to the marketing department to be checked in, and then the requestor will be notified to pick up items or they will be delivered.