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Receive Update via RSS

If you want to get KCC information in the quickest way possible, sign up for RSS feeds. You won't have to wait for email prompts to check Update, or remember to do it on your own.

Breaking news graphicHere's how:

  1. Open Outlook mail.
  2. If you have old KCC RSS feeds, delete them.
  3. Right-click on this link: KCC-news-feeds.opml file. Choose the Save Target as... option. Save it to your desktop.
  4. In Outlook mail, File > Open > Import > Import RSS Feeds from an OPML file. Click Next.
  5. Browse to the OPML file on your desktop. Select it. Click Open. Click Next.
  6. Choose your RSS feeds. Check all four boxes. Click Next. Click Finish.
  7. Back in Outlook mail, the RSS feeds will be in the mail navigation tree. Then it's your choice: Move the RSS folder to a place you can see it, and open it to see individual feeds; or open it and move the individual feeds to your favorites area at the top.

Please phone or email Roger Ehmpke (815-802-8282) with any questions.