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Proficiency Exams

As a student, you can petition for a proficiency examination to earn credit for a course. If you pass the exam, course credits will be added to the total credits on your transcript as Credit by Proficiency "PR". The following conditions apply:

  • You must have a current admissions form on file
  • You have not already completed the course for a grade. Conversely, you may not retake a course for a grade if you earned a "PR" for the course previously.
  • You have not already completed a higher-level course in the same discipline, as determined by the division chair or program coordinator.
  • You may take a proficiency exam for a specific course only once.

Steps to proficiency a course by exam

  1. Meet with the appropriate division chairperson or program coordinator to determine if you are eligible and to obtain the necessary petition.
  2. Bring the completed petition to the Accounting Office and pay the examination fee.
  3. The division chair will schedule the exam for a mutually-agreeable time to both you and the test administrator within 10 days of payment.
  4. You will receive course objectives, the name of the textbooks and learning materials used in the course, a description of the type of proficiency exam.
  5. Once the test has been taken and scored, Admissions and Registration Office will notify you in writing of the results.

The registrar may grant exceptions.