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Power of Hello

Power of Hello word bubbles from around the globe

Hello! It’s such a simple word, but it says so much. It says “you are welcome.” It says “you belong.” It says, “you matter.” In an attempt to develop an atmosphere of inclusiveness, and to increase feelings of community and belongingness here at KCC. Our Psychology Club is embarking on a campaign and we’d like you to join us. Experience the #PowerofHello!

What is this campaign?

The challenge is simple…say hello to people!

Say hello to strangers, reach out to someone you pass every day, reconnect with someone from your past; it all starts with a simple hello.

Then challenge  another person to say hello and spread our message.

We hope this campaign will spread beyond our small campus, so help us get the word out! Use Facebook ( , Instagram, or Twitter.

Make a video, send a picture, get creative! And please tag us at #PowerofHello so that we can follow the fun.

How did it start?

The KCC Power of Hello campaign grew out of inspiration from a segment featured on Oprah. Professors Debbie Podwika and Cari Stevenson shared a link to Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s article Just Say Hello: The Powerful Way to Combat Loneliness and challenged their students to say hello to five strangers and record their observations.

In the age of technology, it’s easy for us to think we are connected, yet feel isolated. So what would happen when we put down our phones, looked another person in the eyes, and said hello? Some students reported receiving strange looks, but most reported an overwhelmingly positive response. One student even made a friend who invited her to Thanksgiving dinner! And nearly everyone said it made them feel good to connect to another person.

Some of those students were members of the KCC Psychology Club and continued to discuss the impact that assignment had on them. Through those discussions, they came to a realization…every important relationship in their lives had started with one simple word: hello. Whether it’s a significant other, friend, or even a business partner, every relationship grew from the word hello. Then they asked themselves, “How can we get more people on campus to connect? And how can we get more people to understand how truly important this little word is?” And the KCC Power of Hello Campaign emerged! 

Thank you for your support of our campaign! We hope that in some way, big or small, this initiative will help people feel connected and valued.  And we hope that you will recognize the Power of Hello and spread this simple, but important message.