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From the President

Boyd-from-the-pres-DSC_4429.JPGAs August approaches, so does a new academic year. As scholars, educators, and students, we are accustomed to the changes that each new academic year brings us. In some years these changes are more significant than others, and this may be one of those years. For example, Kankakee Community College has welcomed a number of new people to the executive leadership team, and this is sure to bring change.

I ask each and every one of you to consider these changes as a “New Beginning” for KCC. We’ve experienced so much success and achievement in the previous 10 years, and we cannot let the changes we face today inhibit the momentum we’ve experienced under the strong and functional leadership of the past. Rather, our task should be to propel KCC to even higher levels of excellence and innovation.

To achieve this lofty goal, perhaps it’s best for us to focus as much on what remains the same as what will inevitably change. The steady guidance and support we receive from our Board of Trustees, for example. That has not changed. Neither has the commitment KCC’s Foundation Board has made to support students by providing scholarships, emergency funding, programmatic and capital support. Just as unwavering is the continued support we see among the communities we serve, communities which continue to see KCC as a vital asset to this region’s vibrancy, health, and well-being.

Perhaps most importantly, our mission – Enhancing quality of life through learning – remains as firm as it has since its inception. Alongside that mission, each of us as individuals can hold fast to our commitment to support the students of KCC regardless of the other changes we see happening at our college.

It is an absolute privilege to serve as your president, and I’m humbled by the confidence you’ve placed in me to lead this amazing institution. I’m excited about the work that lies ahead of us, and I’m even more enthusiastic about the achievements we will make to enhance student success in the future.

- Michael Boyd, Ph.D. 


Michael Boyd became KCC's seventh president on July 1, 2019. He holds three degrees from Illinois State University: a bachelor’s degree in English education, a master’s degree in English studies and a doctorate in English studies.