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Admissions Requirements

For program entry requirements, consult a KCC health careers advisor or the PTA program of study in KCC's catalog.

PTA program applicants must also complete twenty (20) documented hours observation/volunteer time in physical therapy or 200 hours work experience in a physical therapy setting within two years of application. Observation/volunteer experience must occur in at least two different settings, including eight (8) hours in an inpatient setting. Complete and save and/or print the Physical Therapy Observation/Volunteer or Work Verification form.

Competitive entry process

Being accepted to Kankakee Community College does not mean acceptance into the PTA program. A competitive entry enrollment process is employed due to limitations placed upon the number of students who may be accepted. The PTA program accepts 20 (twenty) new students into the program each fall.

Applicants who meet minimum records and academic eligibility requirements by the deadline move to the next step, the A2 Entrance Exam. Students who achieve a score of 70% or higher are ranked for program entry based on their test scores. Eligible students who are not offered a seat will be alternates. ​​