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Cooperative Agreements and Chargebacks

Through cooperative agreements and chargebacks, Illinois community colleges work together to provide you with the most affordable education possible. To be considered, you must: 
  1. Live within the boundaries of District 520.
  2. Enroll in a degree or certificate program which is different in name and purpose from any offered at KCC. Individual courses will not be approved.
  3. Submit a completed cooperative agreement/chargeback request each year. Approvals are for a maximum of one year, fall through summer.

Cooperative agreements

If KCC does not offer a particular occupational program, a cooperative agreement allows district residents to pay the in-district tuition rate at another cooperating college.

Degrees or certificates for all cooperative programs are awarded by the cooperating community college.


You can enroll in any program not offered at KCC at the college's  in-district rate:

Specific programs

You can enroll in these specific programs at the college's in-district rate.

College of Lake County, Grayslake

  • Applied Lasers - Certificate
  • Biophotonics - Certificate
  • Health and Wellness Promotion - Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Laser/Photonics/Optics - Certificate
  • Personal Training - Certificate
  • Surgical Technology - Associate in Applied Science Degree and Certificate
  • Wellness Coaching - Certificate


If a certificate or occupational degree program is not available at KCC and there is no cooperative agreement between KCC and another Illinois community college, KCC may provide the “out-of-district” portion of tuition costs at another public community college in Illinois for that program’s required courses.  If the program has selective admissions with no openings at the cooperative institution(s), you may still be eligible for a chargeback. 

KCC does not pay chargeback funds for repeated coursework. Remedial and general education courses must be completed at KCC, with the exception of those classes identified as a prerequisite with concurrent enrollment in program course(s). 

Submit a cooperative agreement/chargeback request with KCC at least 30 days before the beginning of the semester.

Learn more

For more information on chargebacks or cooperative programs, contact:

Office of Admissions & Registration
815 802-8523
Non-residents should petition their local community college for assistance with KCC programs.  ​​​​