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Financial Aid Eligibility Date

This is an important date, and it affects the financial aid awarded to you. 

What is a financial aid eligibility date?

The financial aid he financial aid eligibility date, is the day that the Office of Financial Aid takes a “snapshot” of your total enrollment to determine your Title IV* federal award eligibility for the semester. This “snapshot” locks in the number of eligible credit hours upon which your financial aid award is based.

The eligibility date applies to all courses, even those beginning later in the semester.

When is the eligibility date?

Upcoming eligibility dates

  • Fall 2020: Sept. 4, 2020
  • Spring 2021: Jan. 29, 2021
  • Summer 2021: June 11, 2021

What does the eligibility date mean to me?

Finalize your schedule by the eligibility date to receive the most aid possible.

Title IV* federal award payments are calculated based on your enrollment at the eligibility date. All enrollment activity (adding a class, dropping a class, withdrawing a class, etc.) before the eligibility date impacts your financial aid enrollment status and awards.

  • If you drop/withdraw from courses after the semester begins but before the eligibility date: Your financial aid enrollment status is recalculated to exclude those courses.
  • If you add courses after the eligibility date: The new classes will not be included in your total enrollment for financial aid purposes. Your Title IV* federal awards will NOT increase.

What else affects financial aid awards?

  • Financial aid can only be awarded for courses that are required in your academic program.
  • Financial aid is calculated based on enrollment status. Enrollment status may also be affected by limitations on repeated or remedial coursework.
  • Attendance is mandatory for Title IV* financial aid eligibility.
    • You must be enrolled and attending each course by the posted refund date. Your registration statement has course refund dates.
    • By itself, logging in to an online course is not sufficient to demonstrate attendance. You must show participation, such as submitting an assignment or contributing to a discussion board.
  • A failed or withdrawn course will negatively affect your financial aid completion rate and you may be required to pay back a portion of your aid.

* Title IV financial aid includes Pell Grant, Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized Loans, Federal Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans, Federal Work Study and the Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG).​​