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Financial Aid Forms

The first step is always completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid: FAFSA.

Financial aid at KCC

State MAP grant information 

Verification selection

The federal process selects at random one-third of KCC's students for verification. Check your "Required Documents" on Financial Aid Self-Service for required verification items. Please fill out every box. If the answer is zero, place a 0 in the box. If the answer is "not applicable," place "N/A" in the box. For independent students, if you do not have a spouse, just put a large X through the spouse boxes. Access financial aid forms on the portal and Financial Aid Self-Service.

Stafford/PLUS loans

Completing the FAFSA is the first step toward receiving student loans. Once your FAFSA file is complete, contact us or visit our office for a KCC student loan or Parent Plus loan application.

KCC Foundation scholarships

After you've applied for FAFSA and begun KCC's Financial Aid process, review the many scholarships available and apply.

Income adjustments

You or your parents may have a special circumstance during a school year when your income changes substantially from the prior year. To apply for an income adjustment, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.​​​​​​​​​​​