Healthcare Scholars Program

HealthCare scholarships are awarded to qualified individuals who are committed to pursuing careers in fields such as registered nursing, practical nursing, medical laboratory technology, radiography or physical therapist assistant.

Each year, Provena St. Mary's Hospital and Riverside HealthCare offer scholarships to KCC students in these programs, as their individual hospital staffing needs dictate. The number of awards and the award amount may vary each year.

During the spring semester when scholarship availability is determined, KCC students who have been admitted to the appropriate programs (first-year and returning students) receive scholarship applications in the mail.

The scholarships are made possible through the collaboration of Provena St. Mary's Hospital, Riverside HealthCare and the Kankakee Community College Foundation.

The scholarship can pay for expenses for tuition, lab fees, books, supplies, physical exams, transportation, childcare expenses, or other approved student expenses required to successfully complete KCC's programs. Please note: a special application is required and will be mailed to qualifying students.

Eligibility requirements

Only KCC district 520 residents are eligible. To apply for this HealthCare scholarship, applicants must be accepted in the respective KCC program. Awards are based on such factors as placement tests, grades, essays and personal interviews.

Student commitment

Scholarship recipients who discontinue enrollment while the scholarship is in effect will be required to repay the scholarship in full. Upon graduation, it is also agreed that recipients will accept (if offered) work assignments for a minimum of one year for every year of monetary assistance awarded, with responsibilities of a minimum of 30 hours per week (.75 FTE), at the hospital which awarded the scholarship. Recipients who decline an offered position will be required to repay the scholarship in full.

For more information contact Other scholarships for students enrolled in health career programs are offered. See the KCC Foundation Scholarships information page.