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College & Career Readiness

Recent research has found that approximately 40% of high school graduates are not ready for the academic rigors of college or the professional demands of the workplace – as assessed by professors, employers, and students themselves. 

Only 25% of employers polled said that a high school diploma was enough education to do the jobs in their field.

Decisions made in high school are extremely important to your future in college and career success!

Planning for college begins your freshman year in high school

The courses you choose your freshman year will have an effect on the next six years of your education.

Success starts with challenging yourself

Preparing for the future means completing a more demanding schedule than the minimum requirements for high school graduation.

Your college will tell you where you place

Virtually all community colleges and universities require a placement exam in core subject areas. The test results determine which classes you can enroll in.

Community colleges don't have lower standards

When it comes to transfer courses, community colleges have the same academic standards as four-year universities.

Attending a 4-year college? Be ready, or else

Most four-year institutions will not admit students who are not ready for college. If you are not ready for college coursework, you might need to improve your skills before re-applying.

Go beyond the minimum

Although making up work that should have been done in high school is hard, it is NOT impossible. You control your success or failure. We strongly recommend working hard now to avoid the difficult path of extra classes and extra expenses later because you are not ready for college classes.