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Jesse Arseneau

KCC graduate Jesse Arseneau
When Jesse Arseneau was little, he was fascinated with movies and TV. 

When he was a teenager, the Kankakee Community College alumnus made his own films with his brother Jordan. Since YouTube and social media weren’t options for distribution yet, they would make VHS tapes for their family and friends to watch.

Today, the brothers work in the industry they fell in love with as children. Arseneau owns and operates Arseneau Media Productions, a full service video production company for corporate clients. His brother works for Oak Brook Productions, a television arm of Tribune Broadcasting.

“I love being a storyteller,” said Arseneau. “I've been blessed to work in technology, broadcasting, education, and corporate media throughout my professional career.”

Arseneau says his start at KCC set the stage to become the professional he is today.

“My brother and I enrolled in KCC after high school, and we worked nearly full-time hours at our jobs while attending classes,” said Arseneau. “Looking back, going to KCC was a fiscally sound decision because I got a quality education without racking up student loans.”

The brothers also took advantage of MAP grants for additional financial support and the TRIO Student Support Services mentoring program at KCC. They both transferred to Illinois State University (ISU) for their final two years of college.

“KCC was the foundation of my college career,” said Arseneau. “The required public speaking and interpersonal communication courses at KCC helped me understand how to present a compelling story and those skills have been applied in my mass media career."

After he graduated from ISU, Arseneau worked in broadcast photojournalism for two network affiliates shooting/editing news and sports for local newscasts. After marriage and a baby, Arseneau decided he wanted better hours and pay. He started working for a media and creative services video production company in downtown Chicago.

Arseneau shifted gears in 2008 and took a job in radio advertising as a copywriter and account executive. He continued freelancing as a shooter/editor for many organizations and production companies. Opportunities kept presenting themselves, and in 2011, he took his business full-time and never looked back.

His previous experience as a photojournalist and corporate video producer has allowed him to take on a variety of projects in medical training, education, commercials, industrial work, and more.

In addition to spending time behind the camera and in the editing room, he is in the classroom too. Since 2009, Arseneau teaches video editing at Olivet Nazarene University.

“I work for myself, teach class, and take care of my family,” said Arseneau, a father-of-three. “Despite being really busy, I am having a blast doing what I love.”

While most days he’s a one-man band, when he needs extra help, he calls on the person he worked with in his early days . . .  his brother.

“It’s awesome to work with Jordan,” said Arseneau. “Being able to collaborate with him on a project brings me back to our youth.”