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Campus Announcements

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​1098-T tuition tax forms will be available by Jan. 30, 2017.  Students: It is time to sign up to get your 1098-T tuition tax forms electronically. Here’s how: Opt-in directions – electronic 1098-T formHave questions: Q & A ...more

​Though it is months away, the Agri-Hort program has already planted geraniums in KCC's greenhouse for display at graduation. From Katelynn Ohrt, Agri-Hort program director: "These are the white and red geraniums for the gr...more

​Arena Food Service will have a special featuring choice of soup in a sourdough bread bowl on Thursday, Jan. 26. Soup options are: Creamy cheddar broccoli Homestyle chicken noodle Loaded baked potato Creamy chicken & rice ...more