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Student Complaints

KCC provides the following processes to resolve student complaints.

The college follows a set of Administrative Procedures for Student Complaints and Grievances of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.

Non-instructional complaints

Non-instructional complaints refer to

Instructional complaints

The instructional complaint process addresses concerns related to grades, the classroom or faculty conduct. 

Please attempt to resolve the concern directly with the appropriate faculty member before starting the formal resolution process. If you are not satisfied or willing to address the issue with the faculty member, a formal process may be initiated..

Formal resolution

Complete, sign and submit the Instructional Complaint/Grievance Form. The appropriate administrator then will do one of the following

  • Concur with the findings and resolution
  • Dismiss the charge
  • Suggest a new resolution


If you feel that due process was not followed, an appeal can be made to the vice president for academic affairs within 10 working days from the receipt of the administrative decision.

The appeal must establish one of the following:

  • The procedures were not properly followed or
  • An adequate opportunity to present evidence was not allowed

A decision regarding the appeal will be made within 10 working days by the vice president for academic affairs. The decision on the appeal is final.

Note: This form can be filed with your identity or anonymously. The system will notify you that entering personally identifying information may be used by the college during any investigation related to the information you submit.​

Out-of-state distance learning students

Students with complaints who are residents of another state and taking distance learning courses should first complete KCC’s internal complaint process as outlined above. For any unresolved complaints, students may contact the Illinois Community College Board. Follow the directions on ICCB’s student complaints page.

Out-of-state students also may file a complaint with their state of residence. View a list of contacts by state.​