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The following FAQ addresses general questions faculty and students might have. For further information,  contact the Information Technology Services HelpDesk at, 815-802-8900 or ext. 8900 internally.

Q: What is the User ID and password that I will use to login?

A. Go to KCConnect. Click on "What's My User ID?" After retrieving your User ID, please click on Change Password.

Initially, your password for KCConnect, Canvas, and the KCC network is the last six digits of your Social Security number.

Please note: If KCC does not have a social security number on file for you, please contact ITS for an initial password.

Your password for Google Mail is the last 7-digits of your student ID number.

Q. How do I change my KCC password?

A. You can use KCC's Password Self Service once you have signed in and answered the security questions.

Q. What is my Student ID?

A. Your student ID is on your KCC photo ID, your registration statement or you can find it by going to KCConnect.

Q. What is my email address?

A. Student email is hosted by Google. Your email address is <User ID>

Q. How do I log in to Google Mail?

A. Go to, enter your user ID and password (

Q: What happens when two students have the same first initial, middle initial and last name?

A. In cases where a duplicate username already exists a sequence number will be added to the username. For example, jjgarcia (Jerome John Garcia) exists and student Juan Javiar Garcia enrolls. Juan's username would be jjgarcia#, where # is a one or more digit sequence number.

Q: I don't like my username. Can I change it to something else?

A. At this time, usernames will only be changed when an individual's name changes, e.g. name change because of marriage. Please contact KCC's registration department for help with name changes.

Q: What KCC computer resources can I access with my username?

A. It is our goal to make every KCC computer resource available via one user ID. Currently, the KCC network, Google Mail, KCConnect and KCC MyLabsPlus use the same username.

Q: Are there any rules that govern passwords?

A. Your password must be a minimum of six (6) characters, with a combination of lowercase letters and numbers. Previous passwords cannot be used. Google email passwords must be at least 8 characters.

Q: I've read the FAQ but still can't log in. What should I do?

A. Please visit or contact the ITS Help Desk or go to KCConnect and click "What's my User ID?"

User IDs are case sensitive and only use lower case. Verify that the CAPS LOCK is not enabled.

The initial password for all student accounts, except your KCC email, is the last six digits of your Social Security number without the dashes. The  initial KCC Google mail password is the last seven digits of your student ID.

Q: I can't open my Works documents on campus.

A: Open Word and choose File/Open. Browse to your document. Double click the document and "Save as" either Word or Works document when you are ready to close.

Q: An application I am working on is 'hanging,' what should I do?

A: Press Alt, Ctrl and Delete simultaneously, click on "task manager." Under the "applications" tab, ensure that the application is running (instead of "not responding"). If it is not responding, highlight it and click "end task." Unsaved data will be lost. You may also try re-starting the machine. If the application is still slow/hanging, please contact the HelpDesk.