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Tips for Online Learning

Take responsibility

The ability to access your online course from almost anywhere or anytime does not suggest that there is no structure or no deadlines in an online course! Online courses, just as face to face courses, require that you are fully aware of the instructor's expectations and requirements.

Whatever you can do to avoid feeling isolated is extremely important, and participating in online conferences will give you access to other students who are in the same boat as you.

Participate in the course

Contribute your ideas and comments on the subject you are studying, and read those of your classmates. The instructor is not the only source of information in your course. As you will see you can gain great insight from your classmates and they can learn from you as well.

Make sure you have a private space to study

This is very important! If you try to share study space with the dining room or bedroom, food or sleep will take priority over studying.

Log on to your course throughout the week

You will be eager to see who has commented on your postings and read the feedback of your instructor and peers. If you let too many days go by without logging on to your course, you will get behind and find it very difficult to catch up.

Make sure you can access all the course activities and tasks, including navigating among threaded, nested, read, and unread discussion posts and replies. The ability to fully access and utilize all your course materials and activities will greatly increase your opportunity for success. You wouldn’t want to miss out on helpful comments or assigned work!

You should aim for a goal of easily navigating your Canvas course within the first week of class. Tutoring Services can assist you, especially if this is your first online course. 

Take advantage of the course environment

One of the biggest advantages of the online format is that you can pursue your studies without having to feel intimidated or upstaged by students who can speak or write faster than you can. You can take all of the time you need to think your ideas through and compose a response before posting your comments to your class.

Speak up if you are having problems

If you are having technical difficulties, or problems understanding something about the course, you must speak up. Otherwise, there is no way anyone will know something is wrong. Please feel free to email or call your instructor if you are encountering a problem. However, realize that just because communication is virtually instantaneous, the response might not be. Your instructor is not always at the computer. He/she has other responsibilities in life, too.