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Meet Our Tutors

The KCC tutoring staff consists of current and former KCC students, community professionals and adjunct faculty members. Each tutor is required to complete CRLA Regular/Level 1 Training by the end of the semester in which he/she is hired. Tutors are highly proficient and in some cases have mastered the subject area they tutor. 


Edward Gilbert

Status: KCC adjunct faculty member since 1997; teaches General Accounting.

Subjects: Accounting, math through college algebra, business courses.

Why I tutor: "I like helping people. Seeing their eyes light up when they know the solution is great."

Aryana Adkanian

Status: KCC and GSU graduate, English major.

Subjects: Writing

Why I tutor: "I enjoy tutoring because it allows me to help students realize their potential and achieve their goals. I love when students begin the semester by coming into the writing studio with a lot of questions and concerns, and then end the semester with the knowledge and confidence of successful college-level writers.



John Regas

Status: KCC tutor

Subjects: Accounting, Economics, Business Law, Marketing

Why I tutor: "I retired after 40 years in the accounting profession. I felt, from my past experience, that I could help students who needed tutoring. I have been tutoring these courses for the past 15 years and find it has been rewarding to the students and have received a great enjoyment in tutoring."

Mary Peerbolte

Status: KCC adjunct faculty member since 2007; teaches Applied Arithmetic, Basic Algebra, geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Prep for College Math.

Subjects: Algebra, calculus, Contemporary Math, Finite Math, geometry, statistics, technical math, trigonometry.

Why I tutor: "The one-on-one interaction can make a real difference in the student's success IF the student realizes that the 'struggle' is not a sign of failure. It is part of the learning process. I have always loved to teach and the tutor lab is frequently the best part of my day. I enjoy helping students organize their thoughts and make connections with the content they are learning in the classroom."



Dave Bayer

Status: KCC adjunct faculty member

Subject: Elementary Algebra, MATH 0993

Why I Tutor: "After a career of teaching math, I still enjoy helping students with concepts they may be struggling with."

Joshua Schroeder

Status: KCC student, Chemical Engineering major

Subject: General math, Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Physical Science

Why I Tutor: "I enjoy tutoring because struggling through a class isn't a good learning experience. Helping others better understand their course material is a fulfilling and mutually beneficial experience."



Scott Voudrie

Status: KCC student studying engineering.

Subjects: Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry

Why I Tutor: "Tutoring helps me understand subjects more thoroughly. Also, it helps me make connections and friendships with many fellow students."

Sydney Peterson

Status: Tiffin University graduate student, Master of Science/Criminal Behavior; KCC alumna; Herscher H.S. alumna

Subjects: Humanities, Social Science, Writing

Why I Tutor: "I personally enjoy tutoring because not only do I get to meet new students frequently, but I also have the privilege of watching them progress in their writing skills throughout their KCC journey."




Mike Kettley

Status: KCC tutor

Subject: Math

Why I Tutor: "I enjoy helping students. I enjoy the "ah-ha" moment that students have. I like being able to work with students one-on-one."

​Lori Krecioch

Status: KCC adjunct faculty, Writing and English

Subject: Writing, English, Study Skills

Why I Tutor: "I enjoy working with students and watching them progress through the writing process."



​Robert Peters

Status: KCC adjunct faculty, mathematics

Subject: General Math

Why I Tutor: "I enjoy tutoring because I see it as a extension as my role in helping students succeed in their goals. I enjoy seeing the light come on and students grasp the material."