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Co-curricular Transcripts

The co-curricular transcript is a record of your campus and community involvement and leadership experiences. It can be sent to other colleges, universities or employers to highlight your achievements, experiences and skills. 

A co-curricular transcript supplements your academic transcript. Your academic records -- course grades, GPA, degrees earned -- are not included. For information on requesting a KCC academic transcript, review the Request a KCC Transcript page.

Your co-curricular transcript can also help you develop a resume and prepare for job interviews. Activities may include:

  • Campus involvement - Involvement in clubs and organizations, intramural sports or athletics.  Participation in or volunteering for on-campus programs and events.
  • Community service - Volunteering at nonprofit organizations or participating in community events.
  • Career development - Volunteering or interning in your field of study, or job shadowing a professional in your field of study.
  • Leadership development - Being a club or organization officer, planning an event, student ambassador, etc.
  • Honors, awards, recognition - Any formal recognition of your achievements.  

How to start a co-curricular transcript

  1. Log in to the Co-Curricular Transcript system with your KCC username and password
    • If you have enrolled in credit division courses, you have a user ID, which is the same as the first part of your email address, before ""
    • If you don’t know your User ID, you can find out by entering your last name and Social Security Number or student ID on the What’s My User ID? form.
    • If you don’t know your Password, visit KCC's password self-service site
  2. Click on the Input Activities tab to update your personal information and add activities to your co-curricular transcript.
  3. Click on the Artifact Manager tab to view a sample co-curricular transcript.

How do I get an official copy of my co-curricular transcript?
Log in to the Co-Curricular Transcript System and click “Request Official Co-Curricular Transcript” on the homepage under the My Reports section. Your official co-curricular transcript will be mailed to the address provided.

How do I get an unofficial copy of my co-curricular transcript?
Log in to the Co-Curricular Transcript System and click “Request Unofficial Co-Curricular Transcript” on the homepage under the My Reports section. You can view your unofficial co-curricular transcript any time as a PDF document.

How do I request that my co-curricular transcript be mailed with my academic transcript?​
Your co-curricular transcript can be mailed with your academic transcripts.

In-person: You can request an academic transcript in-person at the KCC registration desk. You will be given a transcript request form to fill out. On the form, select “I created a Co-Curricular Transcript, please include it with my Academic Transcript." The Office of Admissions will receive your Co-Curricular Transcript from the Office of Student Life, and will send it to the recipient you indicated. 

Online: You can request your academic transcript online by doing the following:
1. Go to the Request a KCC Transcript​ page
2. Under “Online,” click on the “transcript request service” link in blue
3. Follow the directions as stated
4. When you come to the “Enter Recipient Details” page indicate that you would like your co-curricular transcript mailed or emailed to the same address as your academic transcript in the “Special Instructions” box

KCC faculty and staff

Log in here to the Co-Curricular Transcript system using your KCC username and password.


Email, call 815-802-8628 or stop by the Student Life Office in Room L116.​