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Tiered Funding Request

Qualify to receive up to $650 in funding from Student Life so you can do more as a club or organization. Clubs may apply for tiers individually or simultaneously. Clubs must fulfill the criteria of each previous tier to be eligible for subsequent tiers (i.e. - A club cannot be eligible for Tier II until it fulfills the criteria of Tier I). Club membership must consist of currently enrolled KCC students in order to be eligible for tiered funding.

Tier I - $100. Apply in the fall or spring

  • Roster: Updated club roster submitted to the Office of Student Life
  • Constitution: Up-to-date club constitution on file with the Office of Student Life
  • Fall Club Rush: Represent your club/organization at the fall Club Rush.
  • Club Orientation: Have at least 2 club officers complete the online Club Orientation.

Tier II - $250. Apply only in the spring.

  • Meet all Tier I Requirements
  • Spring Club Rush: Represent your club/organization at the spring Club Rush.
  • Raise $100 within the current academic year. Submit to Office of Student Life for deposit in the club/organization's account.
  • Club Orientation: Have at least 3 additional officers/members (5 or more, total) complete the online Club Orientation.

Tier III - $300. Apply only in the spring.

  • Meet All Tier II Requirements
  • Volunteerism: Organize or participate in at least one initiative to benefit a non-profit organization or charitable cause, by raising awareness, fundraising, hosting a drive or providing services.

Requests are approved by the KCC Student Life Office and Student Advisory Council, with first priority given to:

  • On-campus programs and events open to the KCC student body and/or the community.
  • Registration & traveling fees for conferences and events related to the professional/leadership     development of club/organization members.
  • Club/organization supplies (T-shirts for members, supplies for fundraisers, etc.).
Clubs and organizations must re-qualify for funding each academic year. Funds will roll over into the next academic year if not used in the current academic year. ​​