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New Semester FAQ

David Tucker Jr.Are you a first-timer? Haven't been on campus for a while? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we receive at the beginning of each semester.

Where can I get a printout of my class schedule?

Request a printed schedule from the main reception desk on the first floor or log into KCConnect. Choose "My Class Schedule" or "My Registration Statement" and print.

Where can I get my student ID?

Student photo IDs can be obtained in the Miner Memorial Library during regular library hours.

Exception: The final week before the semester starts and the first two days of classes, student ID processing is near the Transfer Center in Student Services.

Remember, you must bring your registration statement and a state-issued photo ID. You'll need to have your ID validated every semester.

For more information, visit the ID cards page.

My class is supposed to start today, but there's no one in the classroom.

Check KCC's campus calendar. Choose the Credit Classes filter for the appropriate semester (lower right of the screen). If your class is not listed, check your class schedule to make sure the start date, meeting day and time are correct. For further information, call 815-802-8100.

Where is my classroom? Where is Student Services? Financial aid? The Bookstore? Accounting?

KCC's campus maps can help you locate the room or department you are looking for.

How do I get to the 2nd floor Arts and Sciences Building (Rooms starting with R)?

Consult the campus maps for the best visual. The Arts and Sciences Building is connected to the west end of KCC's main campus building. The stairs and elevator are in the main building. From the main reception desk (first floor), face the river. Turn left and walk to the digital clock. The elevator and stairwell are to the left.

How do I get to the 3rd floor of the Workforce Development Center (Rooms starting with D)?

Consult the campus maps for the best visual.

There is a staircase and elevator in the center of the building (the hallway is between Room D124 and Room D151). There also is a staircase just south of the College Center (cafeteria). If you are already on the third floor of the main building (Rooms starting with L), the entry to the WDC is across from Room L319 and Room L317.

Notes: The stairs and elevator at the south end of the Workforce Development Center (WDC) do not go to the third floor. The stairs just south of the College Center do not have access to second floor classrooms.