Transfer Services

Transfer Services

Are you planning to transfer from KCC to a four-year college or university? We can help! KCC's Transfer Center provides:

  • Advisors to help you select the right classes and programs to transfer to the university or college of your choice
  • Visits at KCC from four-year school representatives
  • Transfer Fair each Fall and Spring at KCC
  • Assistance with accessing online resources

To ensure that your credits will transfer to four-year colleges/universities, KCC participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a statewide transfer agreement for general education courses.

KCC offers the required coursework for the first two years of nearly any college major and provides suggested associate degree plans if you are undecided about your senior institution. If you know where you want to transfer after completing an associate degree at KCC, consult that school’s transfer guides.

iTransfer & MyCreditsTransfer powered by Transferology™

The iTransfer website provides information about participating institutions’ majors, graduation requirements and how course credits transfer to satisfy degree requirements.

You can load your KCC coursework into a transfer institution’s degree plan to see how your courses will fulfill the four-year degree requirements. Go to MyCreditsTransfer and choose the Transferology link for more information or to create an account. Watch this brief Transferology instructional video and sign up today!

Transfer checklist

As you prepare to transfer:

  • Choose a major - Assistance is offered by the Career Planning Services office, and your advisor.
  • Choose a university - Choose two or three schools you would like to attend. Consult your academic advisor each semester to choose and enroll in courses to transfer to the four-year college or university. Note the required admission GPA for your intended major and the application dates.
  • Visit two or three schools - Attend an open house or schedule a visit.
  • Apply for admission - Select your transfer college or university and check its application period for transfer students. Expect to apply a year before you plan to attend. Have your KCC transcript sent to the college or university when submitting your application.
  • Apply for financial aid - Begin the financial aid process by completing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • File your KCC graduation petition - Schedule an appointment with your KCC academic advisor the semester prior to transfer.
  • Send your final transcript - After acceptance, have your final KCC transcript sent to the school with the degree posted.
  • Stay in touch with your transfer institution - Attend a “Transfer Day,” complete the housing process and register for classes as soon as possible.

Bachelor’s Program Partnerships

KCC has partnered with several four-year colleges and universities to increase the number of options for completing a bachelor’s degree, especially for those associate degrees not traditionally considered to be “transfer” degrees.

Some partnerships may allow additional classes at KCC to be included in the bachelor’s degree and some offer online options. Ot​hers may require the completion of an associate degree prior to enrolling in the bachelor’s degree completion program.​ ​







Here are the steps to transfer to KCC from another college or university:

For more information or to schedule an advising appointment, contact Student Affairs at 815-802-8500.

Just taking a summer class?

If you are a student at another college or university, you can take a KCC class or two this summer and transfer them back to your four-year college or university.

Does KCC have the course you need?

Before you apply, make sure KCC has the course you need to meet your college or university’s requirements. Use MyCreditsTransfer, create a Transferology account and choose the Find a Replacement Course option. See KCC’s class schedule for upcoming options. It is also recommended that summer-visiting students complete the Temporary Transfer Form to verify you have met the prerequisites at your college or university, confirm eligibility to take the course at KCC, and verify KCC’s course will transfer back to your college or university to meet your degree requirements. You can upload your completed form by completing step two of the registration process below.

Become a summer visiting student

  1. Apply online​ and complete New Student Orientation.
  2. Complete and submit the Summer Visiting Student Registration Form.
  3. Within 5 business days, a KCC Admissions and Registration staff member/advisor will contact you to finalize your registration.
  4. After you complete your summer class and receive a grade, request a KCC transcript, so the course and grade information can be sent to your college or university.

Need more info? Please call 815-802-8500 or email

College and University Visits

Stop by the Transfer Center Annex on the third floor, Riverfront Campus, to find out more about transferring to these schools to complete a bachelor’s degree. Check back often to see what schools have scheduled visits. ​

Emergency closings are announced on KCC’s home page and Facebook page.

Contact a transfer representative at to schedule a visit.

Transfer Fair

Join a virtual visit with one of our college and university partners! Events offered include:

  • Virtual Table Visits: Drop-in sessions with admissions representatives during set times
  • Open Information Sessions: Links to virtual events being offered at other colleges and universities
  • One-on-One Appointments: Set-up a time that works for you to connect with an admissions representative at schools that you would like to learn more about

With virtual events, you can connect with admissions representatives to gain more information on transfer schools and the admissions process. The virtual events may require that you have an account with Zoom, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams, depending on the school.

If you would like to schedule on-campus table visits, keeping the above dates in mind, please complete the On-Campus Table Visits Request Form.

If you have questions, contact your transfer academic advisor:

Morgan Langer


Virtual Platforms


Virtual Events Schedule


On Campus Events Schedule

Location info for on the campus events schedule
Location Details

The Transfer Center table is located on the third floor of the main academic classroom area ("L" building — center), just outside of the Room L355 academic office.

The Hammes Café table is located on the first floor of the college (near the main entrance of the "L" building, by the front windows of the College Center/Cafeteria).

The Admissions & Registration Office table is located on the second floor in the Student Services office ("D" building, room D222, the desk is located right next to D231 on the map).

Area Colleges & Universities

Learn as much as possible about where you will transfer after completing your educational objectives at KCC. The following college and university links will help you compare schools in or near Illinois.

Links for area colleges and universities
Colleges & Universities Visiting Scholarships Other info
Chicago State University Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
Eastern Illinois University Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
Governors State University Schedule a visit Scholarship information Dual Degree Program
Illinois State University Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
Northeastern Illinois University      
Northern Illinois University Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
University of Illinois - Chicago Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
University of Illinois - Springfield Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign Schedule a visit Scholarship information  
Western Illinois University Schedule a visit Scholarship information  

Other Colleges/Universities

Area Community Colleges

What is the benefit of a transfer associate degree?

Completing a transfer associate degree

  • ensures you have completed general education requirements toward a bachelor’s degree
  • provides a foundation for your major
  • provides an opportunity to explore new areas of study, especially for undecided students.
If I am going to pursue a bachelor’s degree, what are my choices?

KCC transfer programs:

  • Associate in Arts (A.A.): General” A.A.* & specialized options – Criminal Justice, English, Elementary Education, History, Mass Communications, Political Science, Psychology, Secondary Education, Sociology and Visual Arts
  • Associate in Science (A.S.): General” A.S.* & specialized options – Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Business, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Associate in Engineering Science (A.E.S.)
  • Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.)

If you choose a specialized A.A. or A.S. curriculum, some general education courses are prescribed. For example, the A.S. in Business requires Introduction to Psychology or Sociology; Principles of Macroeconomics; and Principles of Microeconomics. A general A.S. student can choose from among 18 social sciences courses. Please contact a transfer advisor for more information.

*Note:  A “general” A.A. or A.S. degree allows the flexibility to select many courses required for the first two years of most bachelor’s degrees. Consult with the transfer university.

If I am undecided about my educational goal, should I be a non-degree student?

Undecided students are advised to choose a “general” A.A. or A.S. degree. These degrees give you maximum flexibility. It will also help ensure that courses will satisfy degree requirements. If you do not select a degree program, you are not eligible for financial aid.

Does KCC have services to help me if I am undecided about what to study?

Consider taking advantage of a career counseling appointment or the Career Coach web-based tool. Another comprehensive option is enrolling in “College Exploration”.

Will my courses transfer to a university?

All Illinois community colleges use the same general education core requirements as part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative. It helps simplify the transfer process. Completion of the core courses ensures that general education requirements are completed for transfer to state universities in Illinois and other participating four-year colleges and universities. Make sure you select courses that are specified for your program. Your KCC advisor will work with you to choose appropriate transfer-level courses. You should consult an advisor at the transfer college/university to confirm you are fulfilling their requirements.

What is a credit hour?

Credit hours relate to the total number of hours of instruction and lab/clinical time for the course. The last digit of the course number indicates the number of credit hours earned for the course. For example: ARTS 1613 (3 credit hours), and MATH 1704 (4 credit hours).

What is considered full-time study?

To be classified as a full-time student during a 16-week semester, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours. For the 6 or 8-week summer term, 6 credit hours is full-time.

What is a transfer level course?

The answer is within the course number. Transfer-level courses at KCC have a first digit of 1 or 2 and a second digit of 5 to 9. For example: BSNS 1553 is a transfer-level course and AUTO 1213 is not a transfer course.

How many courses should I take each semester?

Generally, we recommend full-time students start with 12 to 15 credits, which is usually 4 or 5 courses. Later, an average course load would be 15 to 16 credits, but may vary depending on your personal responsibilities.

To be successful, how much time should I allow for class preparation?

Unlike high school, college requires extensive preparation and studying obligations outside of class. Expect to invest an additional two to three hours for each hour of class time. The most successful students schedule and stick to specific times for study.

How many hours should I be able to work at my job?

To decide how much you can work, consider your individual responsibilities. Generally, full-time students should limit themselves to 20 or fewer hours of work per week during the transition to college. It is better to be successful with a lighter load than to over-extend and struggle or fail.

Do I need to take a foreign language?

The requirements vary, so it is best to check with your transfer college. If you are undecided, your KCC advisor can share the requirements for each school. To graduate with a bachelor’s degree, two or more semesters of college-level foreign language is sometimes required. When there is a foreign language requirement, it is wise to begin it at KCC as soon as possible.

Should I finish my associate degree before I transfer to a university?

Typically, it is in your best interest to transfer with a transfer degree (A.A., A.S., A.F.A. or A.E.S.). Consult your KCC advisor and an advisor at the transfer institution for the best time to transfer.

Can I transfer with an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree?

An A.A.S. is an occupational/career degree, such as Registered Nursing or Electrical Engineering Technology. KCC has cooperative agreements with several colleges including Governors State University and Illinois State University that allow students with specified A.A.S. degrees to complete bachelor’s degrees. These programs may also be called “2 plus 2” or “capstone” programs.

Can I attend KCC then transfer to another community college for a degree not offered at KCC (ex. dental hygiene or veterinary technician)?

In most cases, your general education courses need to be taken at KCC. Meet with an advisor at the transfer college to determine which courses will be accepted toward their program. Your KCC advisor can work with you to plan the appropriate sequence of the courses to take here if needed.

Can I complete a bachelor’s degree online?

Yes. KCC has a number of online bachelor’s degree completion agreements. 

An online bachelor’s degree completion program usually combines on-campus classes at KCC with online courses through the university. After students earn an associate degree from KCC, they can complete “bridge” courses at KCC and take online classes through these universities.

If I attend KCC then transfer to a university, can I still complete a KCC degree?

Yes, if you have completed courses at another institution(s), those courses might meet KCC degree requirements. Consult a KCC advisor for details on transferring back credits and which associate degree options are most suitable for you.

Morgan Langer
Transfer Advisor


Michelle Hasik
Director/Registrar Enrollment Management